Susan Wilner, LCSW

Assistant Director for Behavioral Health Services, Stony Brook Medicine

Susan Wilner, LCSW, is presently the assistant director for Behavioral Health Services Operations at Stony Brook Medicine. In her present role she is responsible for operationalizing and implementing behavioral health solutions across the hospital system and its related practices. With a strong background in integrating behavioral health into the medical setting, Wilner has worked with many medical practices to begin identifying, screening and addressing the behavioral health needs of patients. Prior to joining Stony Brook Medicine, Wilner was the director of behavioral health services for the Suffolk Care Collaborative, the PPS responsible for the DSRIP initiatives in Suffolk County. There she was responsible for helping to create and pilot innovative programs across the county to improve access to behavioral health, decrease unnecessary hospitalizations and improve the quality of care to the vulnerable behavioral health population. Her past work at a psychiatric hospital, where she opened and ran an Outpatient Mental Health Clinic has also provided her the skills to work with vulnerable populations and provide community based care. She joined the staff at the School of Social Welfare in 2017.