Patrick Kinner, LCMHC

Evaluation Consultant, Center for Behavioral Health Integration

Patrick Kinner, LCMHC. I’m an Evaluation Consultant with more than 10 years of experience helping organizations collect high-quality data to improve their services and share their successes. I work with large health systems, state public health offices, and with innovative entrepreneurs and organizations to improve systems and services across the human service spectrum. Every passionate and committed organization has a gap between what they hope to accomplish and what they actually accomplish. As an evaluation consultant, I identify those gaps, collect data to understand the causes and help you use that data to change minds and turn heads. This can take of the form of small-scale internal evaluation projects or long-term research efforts to test, validate, and publish your theory of change. My work has been instrumental in helping organizations secure additional funding and partnerships, and in making major structural changes in initiatives when necessary. You are welcome to contact me at or 802-865-1257.