Kim Brake, MSN, RN

Nurse Manager, Inpatient Medical/Thoracic – Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

Instructor of Nursing, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

Kim Brake, MSN, RN is the Nurse Manager of the inpatient Medical/Thoracic unit at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota. Her 23-bed unit serves medical and pulmonary patients. In March 2020 her unit was converted to the COVID general care unit. While the unit has welcomed back their medical and pulmonary patients, it remains the unit for patients requiring COVID care.

Ms. Brake received a Bachelor of Arts in Nursing from Augustana University, Sioux Falls, SD and a Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Phoenix. She has been a Registered Nurse at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota for 17 years. Her clinical experience includes staff RN, Discharge Planning Nurse Specialist, Home Parenteral Nutrition Nurse Coordinator, and Nursing Education Specialist. Ms. Brake has been engaged in several initiatives within the Department of Nursing at Mayo Clinic including staff development and retention, orientation, practice improvement projects, and other educational activities. She is an active member of numerous unit, specialty, and enterprise committees at Mayo Clinic. She holds an academic rank of Instructor of Nursing – Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. Ms. Brake is a published author and has received the Nursing Individual Achievement Award recognizing individuals for their professionalism and significant contributions to nursing at Mayo Clinic. In addition, Ms. Brake also serves as an Adjunct Clinical Instructor for Winona State University – Winona, Minnesota.