Julie Collier

Senior Director of Programs, The Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare

Julie Collier recently joined the Schwartz Center as the senior director of programs. She is a psychologist with extensive clinical expertise working with children and families living with chronic and life-threatening illness. She spent 30 years at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health, serving in a variety of clinical roles, and was co-chair of the hospital ethics committee for 20 years. Julie went on to launch the Office of Professional Fulfillment & Resilience at Stanford Children’s which offers programs and resources to support the well-being of all team members. In addition to developing trauma-informed resources to mitigate clinician distress, she was instrumental in developing an organization-wide wellness survey and directed a support team to address threatening behavior directed toward staff.

Julie’s experience leading Schwartz Rounds and implementing Stress First Aid at Stanford Children’s informs her understanding of the critical value that the Schwartz Center brings to healthcare organizations.