Cati Brown-Johnson, PhD

Research Scientist, Evaluation Sciences Unit, Stanford School of Medicine

Dr. Cati Brown-Johnson brings 10+ years of experience in healthcare delivery and prevention medicine to innovation and research. Providing scientific direction for quality improvement and research projects, Dr. Brown-Johnson has supervised numerous evaluations, contributed $1.2mil in averted expenses to Stanford’s Primary Care 2.0 team-based redesign, and developed a new rapid methodology to communicate with executive stakeholders – the Stanford Lightning Report. In 2020, Dr. Brown-Johnson partnered with MaryBeth Heffernan MFA and Paige Parsons to enable the national launch of PPE Portraits in response to COVID and was featured on the Rachel Maddow Show. Cati is a true believer in the value of Learning Healthcare Systems, medical humanities, and system change for improved patient-centered care.