Brian Park, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, School of Medicine, OHSU

Director, RELATE Lab

Brian Park (he/him) is an Assistant Professor at OHSU Family Medicine and OHSU-PSU School of Public Health, and director of the RELATE Lab (Relationships in Equity, Leadership, And Team Effectiveness). His clinical practice is at the OHSU Richmond Clinic, a community health center in Portland. Brian’s true north is to create a human-centered, equity-promoting healthcare system, and believes a renewed attention to relationships is necessary to get there. Through RELATE’s Relational Leadership Institute (RLI), he aims to help healthcare trainees/professionals unlearn more hierarchical, transactional forms of leadership, and in its place, reconstruct relationship-oriented, transformational leadership models for systems change. Outside of healthcare, RELATE’s Health Equity And Leadership (HEAL) program integrates community organizing into health systems to promote community-powered policy change, including a recent statewide bill that will mandate that prescription drug labels be translated to 14 languages in 2022.