Andrea Stiever, BSN, RN

Critical Care Nurse, PeaceHealth Southwest Washington Medical Center

Andrea Stiever BSN, RN currently practices as a critical care nurse at PeaceHealth Southwest Washington Medical Center. Her first job was a medical-surgical nurse caring for HIV positive patients at the peak of the AIDS pandemic. The years that followed, she decided to specialize and become a CVICU nurse. However, after four years in the CVICU/CCU realm she once again wanted to expand her critical care knowledge and skills base. She accepted a ICU position in a small college town that provided all areas of critical care nursing. Among her colleagues, she is greatly respected as being willing to share her knowledge of critical care nursing and dedication to COVID patients and their families. One year into the pandemic, she has been instrumental in establishing safe and improved conditions of the COVID-19 ICU unit. As she prepares to enter year two of the COVID era, she remains as committed as ever to nursing. Fueled by positivity and hope she continues to provide resuscitative ICU  and compassionate end of life care. “I have never been more certain that this is exactly where I was meant to be. I have never been more proud to be a nurse,” she said.