• Background
    We are displaying innovative poster presentations that describe an initiative, model or research that advances compassion at the organizational level. Posters will demonstrate the measured impact on compassion, patient experience, workforce well-being, and quality/safety as it relates to the conference focus areas, including:
    • Articulating core values and empowering culture change
    • The new high functioning team: who’s on it and how does it work?
    • Fostering intra/inter-personal skills to create authentic healing relationships

    Selected posters will be displayed during the Compassion in Action Poster Session on Monday, June 26th and also be available online following the conference. Accepted poster authors are eligible for early bird registration rates upon notification.

  • Contact Information

  • Abstract Application

  • Please identify the specific problem that your initiative, model or research addresses.
  • State goals and what the target population will know, do or value as a result.
  • Describe the primary venue(s) in which your initiative, model or research was implemented.
  • Describe the target population and implementation timeline. Describe the processes and/or strategies used or planned for implementation.
  • Describe the measures or instruments, research design, and methods (qualitative, quantitative, mixed) used or planned to evaluate your stated objectives. Include a description of barriers and facilitators. Describe your outcomes to date if available at this time.
  • Summarize and interpret your findings. Please include lessons learned and recommendations about implementation, feasibility and replicability of your initiative, model or research in other settings.